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A message from David Nichols:

Hand Up Needs and Accomplishments

David C. Nichols, President and Executive Director

Hand Up is a 501C3 Corporation that can issue a tax receipt for donations of materials or money. We have helped thousands over the 27+ years we have taken men and women straight out of prison, who would otherwise be homeless. To make sure they reenter society, we get their ID”s, help them get jobs, provide transportation to and from  work  and any other place needed, housing with some food, clothing, personal items, etc. At this time we are housing over 300 clients with only 6 unemployed. Five of them have been here less than 4 weeks. Many of them come to us with serious mental issues and cannot work. We carry these until we can get them on social security, or reinstated on social security. Right now we are housing 80 to 90 of these. Most cannot move out into society because they don’t receive enough to live anywhere else.

Hand Up works with over 100 employers. We drug test randomly and as we feel it is needed. Therefore, our clients make good and dependable employees. The biggest problem is that we never have enough beds to match the need. So we are always building as the money allows us to do so. All donations of materials speeds up that process. Any help is appreciated. Our website is huminc.org. I can be reached at [email protected] or 405-613-3120.

Sincerely may God bless you richly, David C. Nichols

Executive Director Hand Up Ministries

Hand up Ministries is a ministry that follows the early church mission of not only teaching the word, but by putting it into practice. By doing our best to provide for all the needs of our clients. We have to mostly limit our clientele to those coming out of prison, offering a hand up, not a handout. We provide housing (most with utilities), transportation, meals, clothing, hygiene products, and most importantly, a clean and sober environment. To help our clients re adjust to society in the best way possible.

Our structured environment includes:

  1. One Christian service each week with several different times available.
  2. One small group called G1. This is an accountability group of 6 to 8 men who read scriptures, have prayer, discuss important topics and are free to discuss issues important to them.
  3. Staff available for help as needed.
  4. Drug and alcohol tests given randomly and as needed.
  5. Access to mental health services as needed.
  6. Transportation as needed for important things. Bus stop is available also.
  7. Work with all agencies and authorities.
  8. Work with AA, celebrate recovery, etc.

And should a man desire other religions activity from other churches, we encourage them to do so if it is acceptable to the church, and if the client fulfills our rules. Our clients are from many different backgrounds.

We help residents find permanent employment, usually within two weeks. If they are legitimately unable to work, we help them get social security or veteran’s benefits. Our goal is to assist them in being able to support themselves so that they do not remain homeless. We normally carry about ten nonpaying clients.

We do charge a nominal program fee that is paid after employment or Social security is established.

Hand up ministries was founded in July of 1996 by a man with a vision inspired by God period over the years, this ministry has grown exponentially and has helped many hundreds of men and women. We are looking forward to many more years to come as we grow and are able to acquire more property.

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